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The Process What makes ATHT so amazing is its simplicity. One to three drops of your favourite essential oil, five to ten minutes, and five simple movements are all that you need to provide that human connection and real measurable benefits. Furthermore, unlike the full AromaTouch Technique ™ , ATHT is highly customisable and can be catered to address the unique needs of any individual. Whether the recipient needs to be calmed, grounded, or uplifted, the application method remains the same; just use your dōTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel to determine which essential oil to use. Don’t leave home without your favourite oils because no setting or situation is too big (or too small) for ATHT. The Service Perhaps the most astounding thing about ATHT is the service and outreach opportunities that it can provide in the global dōTERRA community. In 2018, dōTERRA conducted 36 ATHT care events in the community surrounding their global headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Most of these events involved dōTERRA employees visiting senior care centres and introducing them to the wellnesspromoting benefits of essential oils and ATHT. dōTERRA has plans to increase the number of community events in 2020. Find Training Near You While there are over 2000 official AromaTouch Technique training sessions worldwide each year, if an event hasn’t been scheduled in your area, don’t despair. You don’t have to be a certified trainer to share the power of CPTG ™ essential oils and human touch with those around you. Visit to locate a trainer near you, or simply watch the instructional videos on, grab your favourite oil and a friend, and apply the love, one hand at a time. / 31