eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group NEWSLETTER 4 ~ Nearing the right stars ~ July 2014 In this issue:                 The Magic of eTwinning in a Simple Click – Lina Maria Pereira, Portugal Ways of Integrating eTwinning Projects into the curriculum – Daniela Bunea, Romania An eTwinner Just Starting on the Road – Ahmet Morsumbul, Turkey My Experience in eTwinning: Diary of a Teacher – Antonietta Calo, Italy eTwinning Before eTwinning? – Ana Zivkovic, Serbia The Effective Use of Video-Calling in Schools – Diana Linford, UK Copyright Protection and Education – Branka Lamza, Croatia How to Improve Critical Thinking Skills in eTwinning Projects – Xanthie Chouliara & Spiros Kioulanis, Greece Start Daring! – Tatjana Gulic, Slovenia eTwinning Inclusive – Christine Kladnik, Austria Being in the Fast Track with eTwinning – Andrea Ullrich, Germany Going from Hesitant to Enthusiastic – Murielle Ducroo, France Learning, Teaching, Exchanging – School Cooperation in the Danube Region – Tonka Panayotova, Bulgaria eTwinning and Its Early Impact on Moldovan Teachers - Tatiana Popa, Republic of Moldova How Email Correspondence Finds Its Way Easily – Henk Siegers, Netherlands Happy Teaching with eTwinning – Nieves Mendez Ruiz, Spain Erasmus+ through the eyes of: ~Cinzia Masia ~David Ceiriog-Hughes ~Cinzia Colaiuda Editor: Daniela Bunea ISSN 2247-6881 ISSN – L 2247-6881 1