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Throughout 2021 the remarkable rise of ETF investing in Europe and beyond continued apace . ETFs have really come of age , with their resilience and liquidity during the height of the pandemic well documented .
Following the significant rotation towards sustainable investing in 2020 , almost every interaction with clients since then has included a desire for exposure to ESG , climate , or low carbon strategies . At Amundi , we continue to stand firm in the belief that ETFs democratise ESG investing . We also believe that greater investor adoption will drive the agenda for sustainable investing , and we are committed to developing the new products and innovations that you , as investors , will need .
Last year delivered market volatility and uncertainty that is yet to subside . This , coupled with a sustained rise in inflation makes our role in supporting investors through these challenges whilst presenting the opportunities to invest for performance and for purpose , critical .
Honing in on investor views in this special guide offers insights into the ETF market as it is right now , in order to shape the relevancy of our offering . Learning from you about the challenges , opportunities and expectations of the evolving ETF landscape aids our understanding of what matters to you and how we can deliver what you need .
We value the trust that all investors place in Amundi , especially in times of uncertainty . We believe it is our responsibility as a leading European ETF provider to share with you as much insight as possible into what may be around the corner for our industry .
With that in mind , we hope you will find this an informative guide on what 2022 may bring for us all .

Fannie Wurtz

Head of distribution and wealth , passive and alternative business lines Amundi
ETF Scan : The Big Picture | 6