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This material is solely for the attention of professional and eligible counterparties , as defined in Directive MIF 2014 / 65 / UE of the European Parliament acting solely and exclusively on their own account . It is not directed at retail clients . In Switzerland , it is solely for the attention of qualified investors within the meaning of Article 10 paragraph 3 a ), b ), c ) and d ) of the Federal Act on Collective Investment Scheme of June 23 , 2006 . This information is not for distribution and does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy any securities or services in the United States or in any of its territories or possessions subject to its jurisdiction to or for the benefit of any U . S . Person ( as defined in the prospectus of the Funds or in the legal mentions section on www . amundi . com , www . amundietf . com and www . lyxoretf . com ). The Funds have not been registered in the United States under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and units / shares of the Funds are not registered in the United States under the Securities Act of 1933 . This document is of a commercial nature . The Funds described in this document may not be available to all investors and may not be registered for public distribution with the relevant authorities in all countries . It is each investor ’ s responsibility to ascertain that they are authorised to subscribe , or invest into this product . Prior to investing in the product , investors should seek independent financial , tax , accounting and legal advice . This is a promotional and non-contractual information which should not be regarded as an investment advice or an investment recommendation , a solicitation of an investment , an offer or a purchase , from Amundi Asset Management (“ Amundi ”) nor any of its subsidiaries , nor Lyxor International Asset Management (“ Lyxor ”) and Lyxor Asset Management UK LLP (“ Lyxor UK ”). The Funds are respectively Amundi UCITS ETFs (“ Amundi ETF ”) and Lyxor UCITS ETFs (“ Lyxor ETF ”). Amundi ETF designates the ETF business of Amundi and includes the funds under both Amundi ETF and Lyxor ETF denomination . The Funds are French or Luxemburg open ended mutual investment funds respectively approved by the French Autorité des Marchés Financiers or by the Luxemburg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier , and authorized for marketing of their units or shares in various European countries ( the Marketing Countries ) pursuant to the article 93 of the 2009 / 65 / EC Directive . The Funds can be subfunds of the following umbrella structures : For Amundi ETF : Amundi Index Solutions , Luxemburg SICAV , RCS B206810 , located 5 allée Scheffer , L-2520 , managed by Amundi Luxembourg S . A . For Lyxor ETF :
• Multi Units France , French SICAV , RCS 441 298 163 , located 91-93 , boulevard Pasteur , 75015 Paris , France , managed by Lyxor International Asset Management
• Multi Units Lux embourg , RCS B115129 and Lyxor Index Fund , RCS B117500 , both Luxemburg SICAV located 28-32 , place de la Gare , L-1616 Luxemburg , and managed by Lyxor International Asset Management
• Lyxor SICAV , Luxemburg SICAV , RCS B140772 , located 5 allée Scheffer , L-2520 Luxemburg , managed by Lyxor Funds Solutions Before any subscriptions , the potential investor must read the offering documents ( KIID and prospectus ) of the Funds . The prospectus in French for French UCITS ETFs and in English for Luxemburg UCITS ETFs , and the KIID in the local languages of the Marketing Countries are available free of charge on www . amundi . com , www . amundietf . com and www . lyxoretf . com or upon request to client-services-etf @ lyxor . com . They are also available from the headquarters of the Amundi Index Solutions SICAV , or the headquarters of Lyxor International Asset Management ( as the management company of Multi Units Luxembourg , Multi Units France and Lyxor Index Fund ) or of Lyxor Funds Solutions ( as the management company of Lyxor SICAV ). Investment in a fund carries a substantial degree of risk ( i . e . risks are detailed in the KIID and prospectus ). Past Performance does not predict future returns . Investment return and the principal value of an investment in funds or other investment product may go up or down and may result in the loss of the amount originally invested . All investors should seek professional advice prior to any investment decision , in order to determine the risks associated with the investment and its suitability . It is the investor ’ s responsibility to make sure his / her investment is in compliance with the applicable laws she / he depends on , and to check if this investment is matching his / her investment objective with his / her patrimonial situation ( including tax aspects ). Please note that the management company may de-notify arrangements made for marketing as regards units / shares of the Fund in a Member State of the EU in respect of which it has made a notifiction . A summary of information about investors ’ rights and collective redress mechanisms can be found in English on the regulatory page at https :// about . amundi . com / Metanav-Footer / Footer / Quick-Links / Legal-documentation with respect to Amundi ETFs , and , at https :// www . lyxor . com / en / investors-rights-2021-en with respect to Lyxor ETFs . This document was not reviewed , stamped or approved by any financial authority . This document is not intended for and no reliance can be placed on this document by persons falling outside of these categories in the below mentioned jurisdictions . In jurisdictions other than those specified below , this document is for the sole use of the professional clients and intermediaries to whom it is addressed . It is not to be distributed to the public or to other third parties and the use of the information provided by anyone other than the addressee is not authorised . This material is based on sources that Amundi for Amundi ETF , and Lyxor and Lyxor UK for Lyxor ETF consider to be reliable at the time of publication . Data , opinions and analysis may be changed without notice . Amundi , Lyxor and Lyxor UK accept no liability whatsoever , whether direct or indirect , that may arise from the use of information contained in this material . Amundi or Lyxor can in no way be held responsible for any decision or investment made on the basis of information contained in this material . In EEA Member States , the content of this document is approved by Amundi and Lyxor for use with Professional Clients ( as defined in EU Directive 2004 / 39 / EC ) only and shall not be distributed to the public . Information reputed exact as of the 3 February 2022 . Reproduction prohibited without the written consent of Amundi .