Estate Living Magazine Investment - Issue 34 October 2018 - Page 9

| Architecture | Urban Design | Landscape Architecture | Master Planning | Project Coordination and Management of Approvals | Land and Property Development Consultants CMAI has for the past 38 years successfully designed, master planned, obtained approvals and coordinated professional teams in the implementation of various successful South African estates like Thesen Islands, Pezula, Belvidere & Crossways Farm Village CMAI is now spearheading sustainable and contemporary development opportunities in rural South Africa where 55% of our population lives, creating: Contemporary rural new towns with agriculture as its backbone Contemporary and self-sufficient modern new rural villages Contemporary and self-sufficient modern new rural hamlets All imbedded with ECONOMIC VALUE, SOCIO CULTURAL VALUE, ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE AND SENSORY VALUE Places people love to buy into, where property values increase continually Places where the best practices for the environment are always observed Places people love to visit time after time: Live, Work & Play Contact CMAI to assist in identifying the Enduring Value Potential of property