Estate Living Magazine Investment - Issue 34 October 2018 - Page 53

to respond to non-events. Radar detectors work in complete darkness as well as bright sunlight and they are not affected by shadows and other light phenomena. They work in wind, snow, rain, fog and smog. Another advantage is that, unlike surveillance came ras, their performance cannot be compromised by spiders and insects. Because they can also measure distance, they can be programmed to ignore known objects at certain distances, such as bushes, trees and flags. When integrated with network PTZ cameras, network radar detectors can point the camera's auto-tracking feature in the right direction. This is especially useful as the guards operating the PTZ do not need to manually go and try and find the cause of the alarm. Like network cameras, network radar detectors can be programmed to include or exclude specific zones, and trigger different actions and alerts to security personnel – sirens, floodlights, loudspeaker announcements, video recording. Permimeter Technology Comparison Video Analytics Passive Infrared Thermal Radar Cost Medium Low High Medium Configuration Difficult Easy Medium Easy Light Condition Day Day/Night Day/Night Day/Night Wide Area Wide Area Narrow Area (Perimeter) Wide Area Long Distance Short Distance Long Distance Medium Distance Detection, Recognition & Identification Detection Detection & Recognition Detection Recognition Speed, Distance & Angle Insects, Insects, Shadows, Noise Shadows & Bad None None & Bad Weather Weather No No No Yes Coverage Object Information False Alarm Triggers Filter on Distance WE HAVE SURPLUS STOCK @ PRICES NEVER TO BE REPEATED SPECIAL OFFER ON AXIS RADAR PERIMETER DETECTION TRUE PERIMETER PROTECTION From as little as R2,575.00 p/m. Affordable If you don’t want to make a heavy investment into infrastructure, JNCS Beyond Security, together with its partner Merchant West, has designed tailor-made, tax- efficient and cost-effective rental solutions for HOAs. ‘Our specialist asset finance, credit and legal teams combine experience, expertise and a solid understanding of operational, financial and transactional complexities to offer you a range of asset finance products and solutions,’ says Edward van der Linde. ‘Most estates have a set monthly security budget, which can be re-allocated for upgrading from a reactive system to a proactive system,’ he adds. At a more advanced level, the security-as-a-service option gives HOAs access to solutions that may otherwise be too expensive to deploy, by making them an operational expenditure, not a capital one. CONTACT US ON : SALES@JNCS-BEYONDSEC.CO.ZA ENHANCE YOUR PERIMETER SECURITY TODAY | 51