Estate Living Magazine Investment - Issue 34 October 2018 - Page 15

Established in 2006, Schabort Associates Architects is renowned for producing buildings that are contextually and environmentally responsive. Approaching each project with a fresh mind, the practice has designed and overseen the construction of some of the most beautiful bespoke homes in the Western Cape, as well as a wide range of developments including residential estates, retirement villages, industrial, commercial, laboratory, mixed-use and restoration projects. Buildings designed by Schabort Associates are not style bound – they are honest in their use of materials, and designed from first principles to ensure a solution that is unique to the site and all its attributes, no matter how big or small the budget. When tasked with the design of a private residence, no stone is left unturned. Careful consideration is given to all aspects of the design, from the concept stage to the finest detail, from future-proofing of use to the weathering of the materials. Schabort Associates is a proud architect for the Somerset Lakes project. | + 27(0) 21 913 0672 |