Estate Living Magazine Investment - Issue 34 October 2018 - Page 14

apartments to single residential units. Beyond its security and lifestyle features, Somerset Lakes has an established Reddam House School within its confines. A definitive statement of excellence in private education, Reddam House is a co-educational, non-denominational, independent school group designed to inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in a nurturing, progressive academic environment. It offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education catering for children between the ages of one and 18 years. The Somerset Lakes developers are confident that their partnership with Reddam House School will provide a positive investment case for Somerset Lakes home owners. Security has become a major issue to consider in South Africa when buying a new home. Besides the general security offered by living in a residential estate, what greater peace of mind could you have than knowing your children are perfectly safe walking to and from their school every day? This closeness also frees parents from the endless daily chore of having to cart children to and from school for after-school activities and sports events – also allowing them to participate in the outdoor activities and lifestyle benefits offered by the estate. For this reason, an investment in Somerset Lakes is a good lifestyle investment opportunity for potential families. 12 |