Estate Living Magazine Estate Living Issue 28 April - Page 34

its user and share that insight with the company. In turn, the company can determine in what areas to invest future research and development and can even customise existing solutions to better fit the profile of its users. Medical aid ‘coming back for more’. Think about how well Makro and Discovery are utilising rewards programmes on their apps and enticing customers not only to spend more but to keep on engaging with the companies using their mobile devices. apps, insurance apps, take your pick … they are all able to A 2017 survey conducted by market research firm Clutch build a rich profile of a user that can help optimise premiums has found that 42% of small businesses surveyed have according to the individual instead of a demographic built a mobile app. The primary reason behind this was to grouping. improve customer service and increase sales. Additionally, A personal experience the surveyed small businesses admitted that the most valuable app features for them were social integration, mobile But how much of an impact does an app have on customer payments, and personalisation – all areas driven by data growth? Does it really mean your business will be successful capturing, analyses, and insights. if people are downloading and using your app? Well, in a way, the answer to both these questions is yes. 34 | So, can you really afford not to look at developing an app for your business? loyalty via an app is a great strategy to ensure people keep to provide a more unique experience. It gets to ‘learn’ about from a mobile app. Also, finding ways of rewarding customer Mobile apps are also a brilliant way of capturing user data app are important elements when it comes to really benefiting community to continually tweak and customise a business point of recommending such a restaurant to you? But keeping it simple and using feedback from the user choices. After all, if you do not like sushi then what is the into your social network profile to offer you more customised the bat. tend to want all the bells and whistles installed straight off when it comes to app development is that decision-makers accessing a mobile-friendly website. One of the problems highlight quality eateries in your proximity and can even plug to spend three times longer online compared to those simply • View branch closest to you. Similarly, a restaurant review app can a business. It quotes statistics that show how app users tend SecureConnect straight example. It can use the built-in GPS to determine the ATM or MyCustomer functionality of the device. Think about your banking app, for firm offering your home. user experience thanks to their ability to use more of the management Already, mobile apps, unlike web pages, provide for a richer relationship believes that the app is a great way to gain new customers for Customer Unlocking features SecureConnect The debate between having a mobile site or having an app might appear to be topical but the reality is quite different. | 35