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South Africa has never been a big gin-drinking nation . As an industry , gin is still very much in its infancy , but that is slowly changing , thanks partly to one woman and her determination to put South African gins on the map .
Meet Jacqueline Grobler , a 40-something-year-old mother of two based in Linbro Park , Frankenwald , in Johannesburg . With a background in fine jewellery design , Jacqueline has always had an eye for the unusual and always operates outside of the norm – not believing in anything average . Raised in Centurion , Jacqueline says her dad , who was an engineer and inventor , and her mother , who has always been in the corporate world , both influenced her career in significant but separate ways .
At the end of 2015 , she began experimenting with unique infusions in glass jars in the family kitchen . She would add alcohol to these infusions and then manufacture them in a kettle made from an old copper geyser . The process quickly evolved and before long she began making a unique liqueur , which she named Angel Heart .
Not content to stop there , Grobler started experimenting with gin and vodka and even dabbled in whisky . Making gin was a natural flow from liqueur and satisfied her need to really understand distilling as an art .
“ Gin is also like making perfume and , for me , it is pure alchemical magic ,” she says . “ The complexity of working with a live botanical and manipulating the oils to create a specific flavour is quite a heady experience and incredibly rewarding . Gin is such an easy alcohol to drink . You simply add tonic and a slice of citrus and you have a fantastically refreshing cocktail ,” she explains .

Gin is also like making perfume and , for me , it is pure alchemical magic

She established Angel Heart Beverages in 2016 , and has been selling her gins , which retail for between R 360 and R 400 per bottle , nationwide .
“ We are not interested in selling booze but rather in selling the experience ,” she says . She goes on to explain how she pours her energy into each formulation and never follows a recipe nor a predetermined formula or process . Instead , Grobler composes her gins very much like a symphony , adding notes that come together to create something unique and quite magical – a matchless taste sensation .
“ We want people to feel something when they drink our products ,” says Grobler . “ There ’ s nothing more gratifying than
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Steyn City SA’s top-end estates lead the way in smart city technology However, because our cities, unlike Manhattan or Tokyo, are R 20 million, with a full automation system allowing you to sprawled out, South Africa’s smart city technology is likely to adjust the lighting, modulate geysers and warm your floors at be spotty and inconsistent, with our top-end estates being the touch of a button on your smartphone. among the earliest adopters. Val de Vie in Paarl, for example, was one of the first estates and apps are the extent of smart city technology currently to use biometric access control, and has had fibre to the available. Uber, Taxify and lift sharing apps have made home for some time now. Fibre optic networks also run all inroads on traditional transport modes, and forward-thinking operations in estates like Zimbali in KZN, Waterfall Estate in transport is the primary focus of city endeavours, like the Midrand, and nearby Steyn City, which is currently installing expansion of Gautrain routes and stations, one of which is to about 17 antenna base stations for 4G connectivity. open soon in Waterfall Estate in Midrand. Once 5G technology becomes available, the first communities Looking even further into the future, once UberAir (flying that operators will look at to roll it out are those that already taxis) becomes a reality, trendy developments away from city have fibre in place – estates with fibre hubs will sprout, according to Property Fox CEO Crispin optic networks will be natural top Inglis. “With less road traffic, a city’s trendy crowd will be contenders. comfortable living further out of town, and new areas full of good restaurants and bars will spring up,” he says. “The roll-out of 5G infrastructure is a key enabler for smart cities, and it can’t come soon enough. Investors should look out for the London, Amsterdam and Seoul, where digital technology isn’t just about fast internet and plenty of Wi-Fi spots, but also about seamless transport driven by apps, digitalised services, and energy-efficient infrastructure. In the future, smart cities will be driven by the much anticipated 5G technology, cellular technology that will greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks. It will not only deliver blazingly fast internet, but also power driverless cars as well as remotely controlled industrial robots and telehealth systems. 14 | sustainable technologies, using solar energy, grey water to go wrong investing in these forward- At Steyn City, for instance, the irrigation system uses thinking locations,” comments George Radford, director of Africa at IP Global , an end-to-end property investment An ever expanding range of mobile The smartest cities in the world are places like New York, and again, our premier estates are the first adopters of irrigate golf courses, LED lighting, and gas for cooking. worldwide. Zimbali Coastal Resort ‘Green’ solutions are also key to the definition ‘smart city’, opportunities this presents. You can’t company operating across 30 markets In South Africa, we are very much on board in the worldwide race to get ‘smart’. In Johannesburg, MTN recently conducted the first 5G technology and applications trial in Africa, and they say these tests will lead to the commercial deployment of 5G technologies, which the IT sector is anticipating could be rolled out as early as next year. Outside these estates, in South Africa ]Y\KQHۙ\\\Y[[X\]HXB\[X][H LHZ[[ۈ]\وܙ^H]\وHY\]X[]H\Y]HH\H[H][Y[8&\[[ۂ\X\ˈܙ^H]\\XZ]YHHܝ\ܚ[[[[ۋ\]HK]X]Y[[]^[]K\X[\ܙ^H]\[[Hۋ\]H[\\XH]\Y\]Y [\ݚ[]]X[]H][\\YܙHZ[[\Y۝H\K[HYX[[YKՙ[SYXX[[X[ Y[Y[Yܙ 8'8&ܙY[&H][Y[\\[]ۙHوH[[\وHX\]H \]JK\H^[[[\Y[[X[ X]\H^H[[B]\][\ۛXY \ݚYHH[KX\K]]\H\Z[XHܛ[HXY\YK[H[\[š[\XH\\H\H^H\HXH[ۚ]܈[]Z\]^[&H]X[]HوYH\XZ[Z[Y 'BX[YH]\][[[\[Z\YKYXH^KX\]Y\YXH[\Hۜ[\[ۈ[]H[YH[YKH8&X\Yx&H\[Z[[ܛ[[][ۋXZH[ܝ][ۋYX][ۈ[X[[ܙB Y[\]\\[H[K\[۝ [X[H[YXY[ [Y][\Hۜ[Y\\X\ˈ\H\H[ܚ]Y\’֓\Y]\[H]]X]YYH \][Y[[[\XZ܈]Y\]\XX[H[[][]Y\]]Y[[[Z\ۙ][ۚ[[\X]\\HHX\]X]XJH܈[[ ]  L \Y [[\[ۈ[KZHH[[\]\˂YY[ Y]KXۜ[\˜[ܝ\ ][[”\[[ܙ\\x&\H]KXYYY\H܈[H܂˙\]K[][˘H M