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In my opinion the exclusion is a big problem for humanity. People can't be judged by their religion, their skin color, their nation... No nation is superior to other nations. Prejudiced is supporting this problem. You can't be prejudiced. If you want to know peoples you need to give chance they. Love the people as they are human beings (Murat Koçyiğit)

I think that exclusion is caused by acting before thinking, because in the moment, you don't really think of the consequenses of your acts, and as R.J palacio writes in her book, "Wonder", "your deeds are your monuments". If we all thought like that, maybe we don't have to worry about some war, and at least not exclusion. Differences in the society is often the reason behind exclusion, such as religion, nationality, race, looks, and many other personal values. These aren't only some peoples reasons to exclude, but also values that has started WARs, which has caused a lot of innocent People to die, only because someone has another religion than you? I think that this is absurd, and that minor differences are causing People to hate each other. If we all could just look at each other, and judge each other by the way a person act, I believe that we could avoid a lot of wars and several difficulties in the society.

(Edanur Çırak)

Exclude(Our lives we don t want to see) Then this others to life very ridiculous.People religion,language,race and other values exclude misrepresent.In the world cause of war always like these arise from misconceptions.Unfortunately people these are bad thoughts very difficult to remove.That`s why similar to projects purpose of religion,language,race distinction without to merge.These projects more should attend and itself isolated people are participation should ensure.We must stay away from these wrong movements and we must keep away from other people.

(Mete Gökhan)

Thousands of people in the world are sad lack of confidence as they are treated as if they are unable to do anything.On the contrary,excluding people does not give us anything and make them exclude from the society and possibly make them radicalized.

By raising awareness among the people who exclude them, we should help them by saying that there will be a better life in equality in the world, and we should never allow them to upset.They shouldn’t feel outside the box. We should stand together against exclusion of the people anytime anywhere.

(Berfin Koçak)

2010 was proclaimed "European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion". This issue of eLearning Papers aims to contribute to the debate by presenting some advantages and opportunities offered by technology-assisted learning on social inclusion


Avoiding Exclusion

by Promoting Inclusion

3rd Mixed Team