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Bare in mind of what we've been informed about our topic,it is true that radicalism is a phenomenon that occured for the very first time many years ago. Also, radicalism and terrorism are not very closely relate as far as their meaning is concerned. That's because,radicalism becomes problematic when it leads to acts of violence , such as terrorism . As a result, both of them are such a very bad influence for humanity.

(Anastasia Chatzidimitriou)


Radicalism is a big problem for the world and

humanity. radicalism and terrorism are related problems. Neither terrorism nor radicalism are the forms of thought that should be taking place in this world. For humanity radicalism is not a good thing.

(Esra Türk)

Radicalism is a bad cause. Because it is affecting the whole world..People treat each other badly.Terrorism keeps people away from peace.As a result, radicalism and terrorism are not a good thing at all.

(Hümeyra Eseroğlu)


There is a great connection between radicalization and terrorism. Terrorism is one of the consequences of radicalization, which unfortunately is a growing phenomenon, and is only bad for the population and a threat to global security.

(Matteo Bruno)