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Radicalisation is this millenium's main subject of debate. It's been happening for a few decades now, but since the beggining of the year 2000 it's rate has gone up significantly and keeps on rising each year. Just in the first decade of this millenium the immigration rate tripled in comparison to the decade before it. With immigrants storming in the nations worldwide the terrorism rate has gone up significantly aswell. Therefore if the influx of immigrants calms down or stops completely there is a huge chance that terrorism will calm down with it.

(Theodore Moutafis)

Radicalization is a big problem for us and our world. Destroy the fraternity between people and directs people to war. Terror also leads people to war.It destroys the trust between people. As a result,both harm human bonds.(Gönül Bulut)

.Sedanur Görür-Turkey

Redicalized countries drops behind the other countries when compared to them Because being attached to an idea blindly can not help a country make progress. Even, it detoriorates. It leads to the failure of the development of the country.

(Sedanur Görür)

I agree with all of you. Radicalism is an increasingly relevant issue, and we have to address it now. Everyone is terrified, and has their finger on the trigger. This will go down in history, and so will the way we handle it.


In my opinion, radicalization and terrorism are caused by the influence of others on our mind. We are very vulnerable to the influence of external resources such as politics. Both are bad for people.

Natalia Chromińska

Radicalization in general refers to a process in which individuals are introduced to extreme views and overtly ideological messages, sometimes in connection with a particular interpretation of a religion, that encourages extreme behavior in defending or advancing one’s views. It is mainly driven by social, political and economic inequalities, oppression, discrimination.

(Maciej Chojecki)

Radicalism is very big problem.

because this bad thought affects not only a human being but all humanity so radicalism affects not only people who are terrörist but also other people.

(İclal Dere)


The Connection Between

Radicalization and Terorism

2nd Mixed Team