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The terrorist organization is concentrated in Syria and Iraq, but people have taken up the mantle of the Islamic State all over the world.Most of those who have been radicalized are young, and their behavior is

often a kind of rebellion against their parents and relatives. It is articulated as a religious narrative of jihad, but is actually a revolt against society.Most radicals are motivated by the desire to be a hero,

to do violence or get revenge.

Many are motivated by the promise of capturing headlines. Ordinary murders rarely receive that much coverage,but those that are branded “terrorism” tend to be reported prominently.All terrorists fundamentally see themselves as altruists: incontestably believing that they are serving a “good” cause designed to achieve a greater good for a wider constituency—whether real or imagined—which the terrorist and his organization or cell purport to represent.

(Ioanna Stagona)

.Why do people become radicalized? It is a difficult question to answer; I happen to think that it could perhaps be for a sense of social identity, or of recovering something that is being put in danger, something pertaining your identity, indeed. Or radicalization could be determined by an inner insecurity, so, as a reaction, people show themselves very secure.But it is a game not to be played, because no one can tell what is right or what is wrong in this world, that is why respect for diversity and for others in general is a very essential value to get on living peacefully, and at the same time develop our personality and creativity without being offensive towards others.

(Rosanna Torsello)

Radicalization is a controversial and sensitive issue all over the world. Radicalization is usually seen in young people because they work to raise awareness and be cool but radicalization is harmful to the environment as far as it is bad.

(Zeynep Öz)

Why do people become radicalized?

The question is as controversial, as it is complex. I think we can explain a great lot of it using the Mazlov hierarchy of needs(lots of pictures and explanations are on google).

If people lack some of the "steps", predominantly 3 and 4 and they experience the rest of the country living on steps that are over them, radicalization may become appealing. also think it is important to talk about all sorts of radicalism, not just religious, while discussing the reason for it.

I think people are radicalizing because of phychlogical reasons and exclusion.I think we can help those people in this situation.I think education plays an important role from the early ages.

(Beyzanur Şimşek)

According to my opinion people become radicalized because they are excluded from society.The main problem of radicalization is psychological.Radical people want everybody to be in their own opinion.

There is a collective revolt spirit in radical people.People become radicalized between the ages of 15-25.We should never come to ignore this problem becaue we are beautiful with our differences!

(İkbal Hekimhan)



Why do people become radicalized?

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