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The European Union’s fundamental values are respect for human dignity and human rights,

freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. The world is full of different countries and cultures. Each and everyone of them is unique, even the unknown, smallest ones. That’s why humans must respect each other and be tolerant. No one should be discriminated against and all people must be viewed as equal; men and women, black and whites, wealthy and poor etc. That’s

something we should all fight about. We should promote peace and equality and

protect the weakest ones. We should influence each other to respect and love

other people, different than us and show the importance of vulnerable groups by

working with them.

(Takouda Helen)

If we want to live in a peaceful society,we must know and protect our human values.For example , equality,justice ,tolerance ,respect and love ,unity and solidarity etc.These are very important to us.If this happens in society,it will be equality and peace.

(Furkan Olgun)

Equality,justice,tolerance,respect,love,fraternity,solidarity are some of our humanitarian values.We must to protect these and we must to live by these values.People become virtuous with these values.So,it's very important to us.If there is love,respect,tolerance,justice in a society,there will be peace in that society.

(Yusuf Kutay Doruk)

To start with the importance given to humanitarian values has increased but is it enough?

I think not quıte for example there are still,female murders and terrorist incidents are come true all over the word.Some people are dead or injured due to this incidents.Also I think that equality man and women or black and white is not prvided.

To conclude no doubt we have gone a long way in this.However this is no doubt too there are a lot of things to do for a happier world.

(Ege Karanfil)

We would like to live in the world, where there aren't discrimination or intolerance. First, we must start change ourselves, next our local society etc. Our behaviour should shows, that tolerance, love and courtesy are attractive, and living in peace is amazing

(Kacper Górski)

Everyone makes a lot of ideas to make the world better. But most of these ideas remain as activity. We need to transform this idea into action. when we do this we can get help from the environment or help those who try to do it.

(Yusuf Gündüz)

Humanitarian Values:

From Vision to Action

12th Team