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If people respect different cultures, different beliefs, different thoughts, they can live comfortably with many cultures.

In a society, no one should uphold their own views and attach importance to each other's views.

In order to live together in a global village, people must always respect each other and accept each other as they are. For this reason, everybody must respect each other in order to provide peace and peace in the world. I believe that we can provide peace in the world.

(Ezgi Akşahin)

Globalization has led to the economic, political and socio-cultural

integration making the world a global village. The prospects of learning to

live together are, however, still evolving amid the hurdles persisting to check its course..However there are different aspects of the phrase global

village.For example ,a lot of people think that this phrase means something that has to do with the globalization of economy or even global integration of politics.

Some contemporary manifestations of 'Learning to Live Together in Global Village' are of course the internet and its global use, the international political community and the global economic organizations. Despite all that,the ways to learn so as to live together are pretty simple.

First of all ,we should consider strengthening the global institutions and also minimize the ideological difference between civilizations.Pursuing mutual interests and fighting common threats is also a really important fact. If at least some of those things put into use,radicalization wouldn’t be such a crucial problem in our world.

(Konstantinos Rafael Haritidis)

World is called a global village by the virtue of globalization which is a multi-faceted process. Globalization is integration of everything. It can be integration of political, cultural and technological prospects. The most apparent manifestation of globalization is economic and political integration.

Similarly, the globalization which plays major role in making the world a global village comes in shape of technological integration.

(Tasos Metallidis)

Live in love, peace and harmony.

Everyone is different. We differ in character, culture, customs and interests. We can live in harmony only when we will be tolerant towards others and we will consider the dissimilarity of sentences. Therefore, we should learn life in harmony with people in the same global village.

(Natalia Szuba)

I think the worst in the world is caused by the intolerance of people. There are different languages, religions, roots and ideas in the world. It is necessary to enrich people, to enrich our world, but to lead people to conflict. At this moment, separatist thinking conflicts on earth are not alive.

(Ceren Ezgi Doğan)