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People can have different opinions and beliefs. İf you ask me ,we should be sincere,respectfull and tolerant for other people,because if we don't act like this;we always fight,peace doesn't exist in the country and the world wouldn't be a pleace to live. We should take care of them urgently and correct this problem! Finally, ı think this statement explains everything: Everybody smiles in the same language..

(Sena Aksoy)

Our topic is hard to do but we can do it.First of all we have some problems like racist people.We need to get rid of them.Maybe we can exclude them.No no its not the right way.But we can teach them to how to be tolerant for other religions or other people who have differences.First problem solved.Do we have another problem?No we dont have any other problems.If we can be more tolerant to other people who have differences we can learnt to live together in the same global village.

(Melih Dağdemir)

People's beliefs, religions, cultures may be different. We are all one. we all live in this world. We must be respectful and tolerant of each other. We should not separate people according to their views. People are equal. if we break apart our union will break. nobody is superior to others. Everyone should respect and love. This way we will be happy in the world.

(Petek Selin Olgun)

A world without boundaries implies us all to consider each other equal. There

shouldn’t be any boundaries between us, no matter our language, gender,

ethnicity or traditions. We are all equal and all of us should try to get along

so that, together, we’ll be able to create a better world. A world without

boundaries. We are all different, yes, but we should be united despite that.

(oana Bejan)

Every person is different from each other. Our opinions, our belief that our cultures are different. however, these differences doesn't mean to hurt each other. what we need to do is learning to live together and respect these differences. Only in this way we can provide the peace of the world.

I don't want people to get hurt. many countries in the world are getting hurt because of this problem. Hopefully one day I'll open my eyes to a better world. We must accept each other for our differences.

We must try to understand each other instead of arguing with each other. What we need is respect and tolerance.

(Betül Bacanak)


Learning to live together in the same global village

9th Team

Tolerance is the key to live together in the same global village. Tolerance is all about accepting other people. All human beeings has thoughts, feelings, meanings, options, choices and physical apperance. Theese things are different for each person. Therefore acception is important. This is not an easy task for everyone.

Many people mean that their own thoughts, feelings, meanings, options, choices and physical apperance are the right definition. But the right definition is only found when you accept others thoughts, feelings, meanings, options, choices and physycal apperanse.

(Klara Molvik)