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Cultural diversity is the variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, a society, or an institution.It is also very important in the classroom.It can open student’s mind in all the world has to offer. At times diversity and understanding of culture, deviant experiences and perspectives can be difficult to fulfill, but with appropriate strategies and resources, it can lead students gaining a high level of respect for those unlike them, preferably than a judgmental and prejudiced view.

(Konstandina Papakonstandinou)

Cultural diversity is the concept created by people with differences in religion, language and color. The world becomes even more beautiful with cultural diversity. People must be respectful in this regard. Because humanity requires it.

(Nisa Soyuer)

Cultural differences will prevent societies from being the would be boring if everyone else was the same differences color the life.we living love the differences.The difference is good,I think they keep people away from united to each other.

(Selin Gökçen Semiz)

There is no need to judge or hate people just because they do not have the same traditions or culture that you do. We have to learn to tolerate the people around us, to not discriminate and to not instigate hatred. They are, after all, human beings like all of us, even if they are different from us. We should learn how to share our countries’ cultures with each other so that everyone has the

opportunity to learn from one another.

(Florina Giugula)

Difference is inevitable. Different countries,regions and people naturally bring out the differences. We have one world and it is only possible for us to live peacefully by respecting tolerance the difference... To respect the people who have different cultural,ethnic or religious background is to respect ourselves. Cultural differences are our richness.

(Melek Tuğçe Torun)

Everyone loves his own cult and wants to be respected. If we want to respect our culture, we have to respect the cultures of all countries. When we show mutual respect on both sides.

(Tuğçe Meral)

Learning to respect to cultural diversity

and others in a getting more diverse societies.

Cultures are the elements that make us. Everyone has to have a sense of culture that is adapted according to the community they live in.It is inevitable that cultural diversity will emerge as there are over 100 societies in the world. so people have to respect cultural diversity. this diversity will connect people and societies together.The differences like colors and beliefs will be ignored and the coexistence of the societies will respect the cultural diversity...

(Günsenin Divriklioğlu)

7th Mixed Team