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Cultural stereotyping is on of the most important problems in the world. What is cultural stereotyping? Cultural stereotyping is prejudiced against people from different cultures. So cultural stereotyping attracts people to racism and we must stop it. But how can we do it?

We should introduce people with this idea to people from different cultures and show that they are not different It doesn't matter our culture, beliefs or country, we are all human. I mean we must love people, humanity.

(Beril Özkalay )

One of the major societal issues our world faces today is the understanding and acceptation of socio-cultural differences.

Given the automatic influence of one’s own culture, when people compare

their culture to others, they often conclude that their own group is

superior. An even more extreme reaction is xenophobia, a fear of

strangers and foreigners. Understanding these cultural differences will likely be the key to eliminating stereotypes. This can be achieved by first acknowledging that we’re human and that we do harbor racial stereotypes.

Next, we should work to become more aware of our inner thoughts and feelings and how they affect our beliefs and actions. When

we have a stereotypical thought about a racial group, we should follow

it up with an alternative thought based on factual information that

discounts the stereotype. We can obtain this factual information by

leaving our comfort zones and exposing ourselves to people of different races. We should be willing to engage in honest dialogue with others about race that at times might be difficult, risky, and uncomfortable.

We should also seek out media portrayals of different races that are

realistic and positive.

Attending churches, plays, concerts, and movies that celebrate diversity will also broaden our worldview. As we gain more awareness and knowledge about racial groups, not only will our racial stereotypes lessen, but we will also become better equipped to educate and challenge others about their racial stereotypes. When we make an attempt to change ourselves, we actually change the world!

(Tzintziloglou Irene )

How do we come from the toop of culture stereotyping?

As the person develops his material and spritual direction the culture develops big people can not enter small mold culture should be in continuous development we can see which culture is fed by looking at the way a person things and lives cultural stereotyping is that everyting is the same so than everyone express himself in the same words if we are always faced with the same thing then the culture ends up in a norrow.

(Merve Kuşbaşoğlu)