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In my point of view it is really hard to overcame stereotypes. But only things we can do is for example doing lectures about different countries. We can show in it some informations about culture, history and also explain why the stereotypes are bad thinking. But otherwise, we can't completly remove stereotypes from our world. They are located in our behaviours and history.

(Maciej Karłowicz )

Cultural stereotyping is one of the major

societal issues our country faces today.How to get rid of cultural stereotyping;One challenge to ridding ourselves from it is the fact that we are unware of what they are.The understanding and acception of sicii-cultural differences will lead to the key of eliminating stereotypes.

(Aphroditi Stefanidou )

My suggestions are to do some new things together

find new ways and find things that can overcome stereotype.

Unfortunately, it's so stupid that someone tries to insist on us the old sentences about stereotype. Everyone has their opinions to change, they are no joke. In the old days it was common, today too, but together we try to overcome it.

(Nida Nur Üngör )

What is cultural stereotyping? Cultural stereotyping is judging different cultures without knowledge. How to overcome cultural stereotyping? Schools can be given values education. Municipalities may organize conferences to inform the public. In this way people can be encouraged to make friends from different cultures.We can overcome this problem together.

(Naime Şerife Esen )

In this regard,we must first learn not to be prejudiced.We must try to understand our people and their way of life.As in every case,we should respect the culture in this regard.

(Aslı Değirmenci)

Hello, its very popular problem, I think we should do something to overcome it. It's good idea to increase knowledge about others cultures and eliminate stereotypes about it. Stereotypes lead to falsification of reality and shaping of prejudices. We have to eliminate it as fast as we can.

(Rafaĺ Kalisz)

How to overcome cultural stereotyping? Make people conscious. How can we achieve this? We must to do something new together. We should make friends from different cultures. We must have information about different cultures. Together we can solve this problem.

(Nida Nur Üngör )

How to Overcome Cultural Stereotyping

6th Mixed Team