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In my view, teaching respect for diversity is a constant indication that each person is different and discovering how rich it is to us, a resource that we can draw together. Showing that each and every one of us is different from others and that is about our uniqueness; and at the same time, we are equal and equal in their rights. It is important to teach respect for diversity horizontally - check in this respect and modify the materials and language that we use every day.

(Hubert Izdebski)

I believe that we

should accept everyone and not include their religion as part of our judgement, as we are all humans and have the same thoughts and feelings, which we should not hurt just because of some different aspects that they often are born with such as their belonging to a certain ethnicity or religion.

Most importantly, we should not judge people by taking into account only how they appear to be or

are rumored to be like, as under these facets there can be often found a

friendly and understanding person.

(Tia Hulpoi )

People each other religion,language.race must accept without any diffirence.We all have someting to learn from others.No one has ti be the same.It should not be.But people should respect each other opinions.This World is ours.We should learn to live a brother or sister.The fingers of a hand are also different. If we aren't different there is a problem.

(Sinem Saper)


I think that the differences between ethnicities, cultures and religions should not be a problem and that, instead, we should learn to accept each other as we are. Each and every person can be useful somehow in this society and society itself should be interested in every citizen, no matter their background, ethnicity

or religion. Each culture tries to lead its people towards being a united community and not towards conflict. Nowadays, people tend to avoid radicalization and instead try to accept each person from their own country or others, not considering their religion or ethnicity.

(Beatrice Damian)