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It is my opinion that differences between religions or ethnicities should not even exist. Before we judge these people who we don’t know anything about except for what we have heard, it is important to research and find out by ourselves what their traditions and their religion entail. Only after we have learned enough about them and aspects of their lives, we can form our own opinion and realize that there are, truly, no reasons to marginalize them. We are all people and we are all special in our own ways.

(Stefania Ragea)

We have to be respectful to different ethnic backgrounds, we have to empathize knowing that we can fall as refugees at any moment we should see different beliefs as richness we should not be racism we must be unity to racism against terrorism everyone can be a refugee at any moment s

(Okan Can Zorlu)

I think we should be tolarant and respectful towards the people who have different cultural religious or ethnic background.All the people should have equal rights.In my opinion ,no nation should see itself superior than the others.In this sense I curse racism,discrimination.I think se should see the differences as our richness.

(Altaykan Eryiğit)

It is important for people to accept each other and to learn something from each other. People live by taking an example of each other. Thus, we are developing. But respect is also one of the most important elements. There is no development without understanding. If people respect each other, it becomes a tolerant interaction.

(Utku Ergün)

The last ten years the refugee crisis has been

growing day by day. So because of that European countries have to control that entire crisis.

Years ago, back in 1922 a whole Greek generation had to findshelter in other countries like Australia or America, by becoming refugees themselves and they weren’t treated so well. The citizens of Europe didn’t use to have different types of people and now they

are forced to live and create a multicultural Europe.

The European citizens must accept the others, let them dream and live their life. In some countries,

like the UK, if you go for a walk in the center of London you can see Christians, Muslims, black people, white people, Asians, Africans, Europeans that coexist

in harmony and all that creates the perfect atmosphere.

So, I strongly believe that if we try we can do it! We can create a better world for all of us!

(Chliaras George)

Accepting the others who have different cultural,ethnic or religious backgrounds

5th Mixed Team