Essays - Page 12


People look for other needs except for their compulsory requirements. It is the sense of competition created by these endless needs that consistute seperations, lies and injustice. Polarization can be avoided if there is competition and benefits in life.

(Yağmur Böğürcü )

Polarization is a very big broblem. I think the people become emotionally attached to one side of an issue and become almost incapable of seeing any virtus in the opposing position or any faults in their own. It makes responsible thinking about an issue difficult or almost impossible.

(Fiona Merdari)

Why people become polorized. People have different thoughts. So that every person can say a thought. Most people can feed a different thought against the thought of another human beina. In this case polorized occurs due to the disrespectful and intolerant appoach of people. That is the basic constraint of polorization is caused by people.

People can not empathize with each other and the disrespectful approaches to differences beina polorization. We can pass on this situation by cultivating respectful an tolerant individuals and more understanding people and by giving them these feeling.

(Yaren Doğan)

Humans are polarized because they usually think differently from each other.The main reason of polarization can be nationalism, religion, and race. Everyone does not have the same belief,race or think the same. But if they respect each other’s thoughts,and learn to respect, they can overcome this issue.

(Hüseyin Koç)