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Polarization is an effect that drives people so far apart on an issue it is as if they are at opposites poles. We can become polarized by:

- nationalism,

- racism,

- religion,

- politics,

- workplace issues,

- personal and family feuds

(Oliwia Grelewska )

People become polarized because they have different ideas on their mind,ideas which come opposite with others,this pushes them on conflict because they support their perception.For me polarization cant be stopped because without it we dont have different views and our differences can be creative.however we should find a way to easily resolve things when we get polarised because if we dont there can be a war,and the worse thing about it is that after it we will realise the terrible mistake that we made. Let's not forget that history repeats itself, so we need to learn from our mistakes!

(Dimitris Serasov-Greece )

Humans are polarized because they usually think differently from each other.The main reason of polarization can be nationalism, religion, and race. Everyone does not have the same belief,race or think the same. But if they respect each other’s thoughts,and learn to respect, they can overcome this issue.


irst I define polarity: separation of opposing groups.There is a big problem in the world. There are many problems in this polarity in society. The biggest problem of polarization is radicalism. We are on the other side and we can correctly understand the feelings and thoughts of the person or person you do not want to feel like you. Instead of doing this, we blame and judge them directly. This naturally leads to poor results.

Unfortunately, empathy is forgotten and polarized. Instead, why do not we put ourselves in someone else's place and do not want to hear their thoughts? If we do this, we can solve this problem. And we can live in a peaceful world where everyone understands each other.

(Ahmet Said Genç)

Polarization is a very big problem that people and polarized around the world. I think the polarization is solved by the hand of the whole world. The prejudice of polarization is on of the factors that allow them to think that they are superior to other polarizations. Clapping can lead to hage wars.

When people are polarized,some people think that they are king and they try to do business on their own. A world without polarity, peace and rest is not bad. We can not make it anyway . Lest kome together and find a solution to this problem and live with peace and peace in our world.

(Ahmet Uzer)

Polarization of people of their own race, maybe this is the reason everyone prefers to be with his own kind wouldn't be a problem though in the form of respect and tolerance event, but this event took place when a sense of selfishness and greed in so many parts of the world there is War, unrest outweighs the strong crushing the weaker ones

(Ezelhan Özkara)

Why do people become polorized?

4rd Mixed Team