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I think that children take after their surroundings therefore it is very important that influences who are in constant contact with children and youth are represented by both women and men, and they have to teach the children to be openminded and not have prejudices. Because once they are grown up it will be more difficult for them to learn to see things from all perspectives. They should learn to think critical and not automatically accept what they hear, but make up their own minds. It might be useful to learn from history to avoid repeating mistakes, for instant WW2. (Liv)

It is not ethical to exclude a person from any community or activity. It is nothing but breaking that man's confidence in himself. When we need to raise that person, we can exclude him and only cause psychology to be

badly affected. Why are we out of a person anyway? What do you think is missing from us? It is very obviously wrong to exclude a person without knowing how. Whatever the case, the excluded person is a member of society, and people can live in a

community and can not survive alone without a community. The prejudice is also one of the basic causes of this situation so we must break our prejudice and we should not exclude anyone by judging accordingly. No matter who anyone is, no matter how a person is, there is no ugly behavior to exclude a person (Serdar Efe Akça)

(.(Serdar Therefore,

we should pay attention to collecting everything and not to exclude anybody,

and we should be involved in this.

I think we should start the topic with asking that question: ''Who are we?'' From starting that point,actually we are all same. We all know exclusion of people who have physical disabilities or differences is wrong.As mentioned in the title,it is true to avoding exclusion by promoting inclusion.It provides peaceful and beautiful life tu us.

I want to give an example about this topic. Nick Vujicic, a man who is very popular on social media.He gives conferances to people about his lifestory.Despite he has no arms and legs,he pleased and he is not excluded from society. Unlike most of the people is aware to that situation,some of them doesn't see people equally. At this point,we have a mission,we have to destroy that sensation. If we can behave as humanist, I'm sure life will be more beautiful.

(Pelinsu Poyraz)

In my opinion exclusion is caused because people are afraid of the different, and they are trying to promote their selves and their ideologies by rejecting the ones that are not similar to them. Humans need to learn that we are all the same and we should stop arguing for things like race and religion. If we want to stop exclusion for the society we need to promote inclusion between all the people in the world and we have to learn that we are all humans and we all deserve the same rights. So we must stop fighting and live happily together. This is how we will avoid exclusion in the human society.

(Theodoros Brouskakis )

Equality is that there is no distinction among the people.we all need equality for more beautiful and happier life,

This equality means people; races, feelings, thoughts, nations . If there is inequality and discrimination within any society, corruption occurs in those societies.

When it comes to grouping, it is the feeling that people feel weak and their start to lose their confidence .In other words, by excluding the people, we are destroying their benefits, self-esteem and equality in society at the same time. If we want to reduce it in the community, we must "improve the inclusion by reducing exclusion" .In that case we can have people who love life and enjoy life in the society.

(Öykü Karaman)