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Online radicalisation is perhaps one of the most damaged species today.It isn't that hard to do actually.We just need to dominate our keyboards.Of course,we have ideas before that too.Freedom of opinion is what is most needed.In fact everything is so simple.

Everyone on the keyboard writes everything.They are trying to accept their own thoughts.If they don't they start to harm without thinking.Now everyone is upset about this.But nobody makes an attempt.Come on,time to change now!

(Özlem Buse Yiğit)

Online radicalization is one of the most important issues in the 21st

century, but the majority of people are not educated about this. The

online platform gives people who have extreme beliefs the chance to

share their opinions that could trigger many people. Although this is on

an online platform we can really do something about it. At first, we

can report the extremist's post on the platform and even report it on

the police if it says something very dangerous. Then ,we should educate

our friends and our family about this topic so they won't be affected.

( Vasiliki Tsertsene )

It is called online radicalism to allow individuals to share their thoughts in an ungodly virtual environment without thinking about others. The mistakes that these individuals make sometimes cause major problems to other people. My opinion is that this radicalization can be repaired with education. I hope that people can succeed in respecting others' thoughts and translating their thoughts in a respectful way.

We must change this cycle!

(Ayşenur Arslan)

One of the biggest problems of our age radikallesmed online. Online radicalisation is very easy. This keyboard is sufficient. Sit down and write whatever you want under the name of freedom of thought.

(Good or bad but usually bad) howewer, I think this problem can be solved. Solutions are being sought to solve this problem already in our country.Hopefully this issue is resolved soon and doesn't make this mistake in future generations!

(Busenur Kökçü)

How to Prevent Online Radicalization Radicalisation

8th Team

Online radicalisation is one of the most problems in the world.Actually it isn't hard.These people,through the keyboard on the internet,as they wanted,under the name of ''freedom of thought'' trying to accept their own ideas.

These people usually when they can not accept their ideas,they insult the other person.This is very wrong behavior.Because every person has the freedom of thought.Also, people can express their thoughts clearly and no one has the right to interfere! I hope these people,as soon as possible,realize that what they wrong do and they change.

(Aybüke Yaren İvak)