ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 72

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5.4 Collaborating for greater impact – a holistic partnership
Bridge of Weir Leather is delighted to be supplying the leather for the Polestar 2 , which has recently benefitted from a host of upgrades , further reducing climate impact and increasing material traceability .
Revisiting materials and processes that go into making an award-winning electric car , Polestar ’ s updates address not just functionality and design , but sustainability and carbon footprint as well .
In taking this holistic approach , Polestar believes that when it comes to interiors , leather solves many challenges related to quality and the environment – and that relying on only synthetic materials creates other sustainability challenges .
Bridge of Weir satisfies Polestar ’ s stringent requirements . Working with by-products from ethically responsible sources , the leather we provide offers 100 % traceability .
Our unique lowest carbon leather , as measured and validated by LCA , directly supports our automotive customers and their journey to reducing their carbon emissions across their entire supply chains .
“ We have revisited materials and processes that go into making Polestar 2 , introducing updates that reduce the climate impact and increase material traceability of this award-winning car .
These are important additions to how we can improve cars over their lifetime . Not just with functionality and design updates , but addressing sustainability and carbon footprint as well .”
Thomas Ingenlath CEO Polestar
72 Scottish Leather Group