ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 65

Having a design team in-house enables the Group to keep pace , anticipate and track future developments in colour , technology , and texture . Concept cars are a proven landscape to showcase our latest leather textures and finishes , and trend reporting allows global customers full view of the Group ’ s latest capabilities allowing for a holistic alignment with design goals .
We push the boundaries of leather design and manufacture . We are constantly inspired to create new textures and original finishes that explore what is possible – and what is next .
A family business that has evolved over nearly two centuries also has to be at the forefront of technology . Muirhead developed the world ’ s only full substance leather with a significant weight reduction over traditional leather , so we are the natural solution for leading airlines . Then we took it one step further with our ActiveHygiene , which eliminates 99 % of viruses and bacteria from seat surfaces within two hours to address the challenges presented by COVID-19 .

Assessing all our leather by eye , our quality engineers ensure the highest standards across the entire supply chain , from sourcing and manufacturing to the finished product .

Our commitment to lowest carbon leather and an onsite tannery means we are in full control of the process – and the quality .
We have the following accreditations :
• ISO 9001 , Quality Management System Standard
• ISO 14001 , Environmental Management System Standard
• ISO 50001 , Energy Management Systems Standard
• ISO / TS 16949 , Automotive Quality Management System Standard
• OHSAS 18001 , Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard
Our journey to zero . Environmental , Social & Governance Report 2022 65