ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 61

5.3 Responsible supplier relationships
The importance of UK farming
Agroforestry plays an important role in climate change mitigation and adaptation and supports a number of goals in the UK government ’ s 25 Year Environment Plan and Clean Growth Strategy .
What is agroforestry ? Agroforestry encompasses farm hedgerows , parkland , and wood pasture but it also includes newer innovative systems , like contour planting and silvoarable cropping – a method of growing alleys of productive trees among arable crops .
This deliberate integration of trees and shrubs into farming systems brings a host of benefits .
Agroforestry systems can :
• Enhance farm productivity
• Increased biodiversity and habitat creation
• Improve soil health
• Boost livestock welfare
• Carbon capture
• Manage water flow
• Contribute to climate change mitigation
Systems can be also designed to avoid the potential trade-offs that occur in many modern farming systems between food production and public goods , like clean air . It is a progressive solution for both UK farming and the environment .
With over 98 % of our hides sourced from within the UK , this farming system will have an increasing role in further reducing impact of our supply chain .

72 %

The percentage of UK land that is farmed .

3 %

The percentage of UK farmed area practising agroforestry .

10 %

The percentage of UK farmland in agroforestry required to help hit climate change targets .
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