ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 56

We are committed to quality
5.1 Management approach – summary
Good governance is fundamental to responsible business . The data provided within the report , and previously , is independently audited to the standards by which we openly subscribe . We are committed to strict ethical standards , fairness , transparency , and equality practices across the Group and within our supply chain . This begins with gender equality , with equal pay for equivalent roles , and extends across all our behaviours – and is enshrined in our commitments and measured against the obligations within UNGC .
The health , safety and wellbeing of our employees is paramount . We continue to promote the workplace based Healthy Working Lives initiative , encompassing employee workplace recognition , equal pay , and equal rights .
Scottish Leather Group maintains policies and practices to prevent modern slavery and promote a safe working environment . These values are also passed down to our supply chains through adherence to our Code of Conduct .
We operate a robust auditing program in accordance and beyond the requirements of our 8 ISO accreditations and report transparently using clear and understandable information .
The Group operates a robust zero tolerance approach toward nonecompliance . The overview by our Executive Board and real time monitoring by regulatory and other third parties ensures compliance is consistent to , or exceeds requirements of , the highest standards . This is fundamental to being a responsible business and an exemplar in our sector . Our commitment to The United Nations Global Compact ( UNGC ) requires adherence to all of the SDG principles and supply chain governance . We have satisfied ourselves and our auditors in meeting the UNGC gap analysis self-assessment .
The UNGC broadly defines good governance via eight metrics , as a measure towards conforming to SDG 16 :
1 Participation , via freedom of association and expression by all .
2 Impartial implementation of the rule of law where compliance is an obligation .
3 To meet the broad consensus for the best interests of all within an equitable society where societal wellbeing is increased .
4 Using processes and functions for maximum output and shareholder return .
5 Being accountable to customers . 6 Being accountable to regulators . 7 Being accountable to stakeholders . 8 Independently accredited .
Our supply chain partners , contractors and suppliers have ALL signed our Code of Conduct which expressly requires them to apply , as a minimum , the same standards of employment , behaviours , legality , and ethical practices as we do , and encourages them to continue this philosophy of supply chain integrity .
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