ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 52

We are naturally progressive
4.4 Sustainable innovations
We work closely with customers in achieving their ambitions towards a net zero future . This is captured in the aforementioned initiatives as well as in our innovation agenda .
Sustainability and innovation go handin-hand . Continuous innovation is how we will reach our goal of net zero carbon by 2025 , and our customers demand the same innovation in our products and services .
The Group has committed to a formal innovation agenda , putting in place a system that encourages and nurtures new ideas – a platform to take our business forward .
We work proactively in ‘ innovation hubs ’ that bring together our own teams with external specialists . These hubs include our manufacturing partners , our customers , research groups and universities .
New ideas are evaluated through collaborative discussion , focus groups and sales team feedback and reviewed for commercial viability and regulatory compliance .
Our iterative approach to research and development ensures that new process or product ideas are robust and fully formed before reaching a commercial evaluation and then , if appropriate , marketing input . Commercialising innovative ideas is the end goal , and during the past year the Group has enjoyed notable successes .
Muirhead ActiveHygiene leather addresses the challenges of postpandemic passenger travel head-on – sustainable natural leather with added antiviral properties , using Polygiene Biomaster technology from Polygiene AB . ActiveHygiene leather eliminates
99 % of viruses * and bacteria from seat surfaces within two hours – no additional sanitising or cleaning required .
Our Life Cycle Analysis ( LCA ) audits our environmental impact holistically . The hotspot evaluation tool at the heart of the LCA has helped us identify opportunities to continuously reduce our impact .
The year ahead will see us focus on introducing more biobased or benign content into our leather making processes , reducing our reliance on traditional chemicals . Commercially this will lead to us presenting customers with next generation , sustainable leathers .
Our co-products agenda will also evolve rapidly , finding novel applications for proteins in entirely new fields and helping new partners who , like us , are seeking to reach net zero .
* SARS-CoV-2 , H3N2 and H1N1 - according to ISO18184:2019 . Polygiene Biomaster does not prevent diseases but protects the treated material .
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