ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 48

We are naturally progressive
4.3 Resource stewardship
We source natural , clean , local water from our own loch *
We primarily ( 95 %) source water from our own loch – a natural , local source of clean Scottish water . We filter and recycle up to 40 % to save water and recover renewable heat .
The remainder is treated by a downstream plant and returns to the original watershed , reducing the measurable impact within our Life Cycle Analysis ( LCA ).
The water is “ borrowed ”; we use our own natural water source , treat it , recycle it or discharge the treated water back to the same watershed ( same river ), without consuming any according to LCA . This has almost ‘ 0 ’ impact on a kgCO2 / m2 basis . We also measure water use according to the water scarcity index for each of our products .
Our factories are provided with mains drinking water to supplement the provision of water fountains for safe drinking supplies . Sanitary facilities throughout exceed workplace regulatory requirements .
We source the majority of our water from natural sources , including our own managed loch . Our ultrafiltration plant enables us to recycle up to 40 % of our treated water back into use within production .
Our world class tannery uses 50 % less water per hide ** than the industry standard

50 %

This past year saw recycled water accounting for 12 % of total water used . This recycling process significantly decreases our intake from the loch , minimising impact on the local watershed .
A further benefit of water recycling is heat recovery , accounting for up to half of our water heating demand .
The upcoming expansion of our Water Treatment and Recycling Plant will allow us to recycle even more wastewater back into production .
As an indirect discharger , the treated wastewater from our manufacturing process that is not re-used by us is further treated by Scottish Water before re-joining the ecosystem of the River Clyde Estuary as clean water .
We complete this circular process by managing and maintaining the welfare of our loch , our own water supply . Annually we conduct analysis of the true impact of our operations on the aquatic environment .
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