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4.2 Measuring our product ’ s environmental impact
Low carbon leather , climate change
We produce the world ’ s lowest carbon leather as measured using Life Cycle Analysis ( LCA ). This is a methodology for measuring the true long-term impact of a service or product . LCA examines all the steps in a product ’ s life from the extraction of raw materials , through all working processes , to distribution , maintenance and what happens to it at end-of-life .
kg CO₂e / m 2
GWP 7.67-9.8
kg CO₂e / m 2
GWP 3.21-5.34
kg CO₂e / m 2
LCA is a powerful tool for measuring how responsible our consumption and production is , enabling a true and fair comparison against the impact of other products and materials .
We ask independent specialist consultants to measure the true impact of our activities , verify the impact of our supply chains , and identify opportunities for impact reduction .
This LCA-driven ‘ responsible innovation ’ process encourages us to increase our use of renewable energy , find new ways to increase the value and reusability of our co-products , and review our intake of chemicals – we are looking more and more to replace conventional chemistry with biobased materials of assured provenance .
The Life Cycle Analysis for our leather is based on primary data , independently created by specialist consultants according to ISO14040 and ISO14044 using Sector Guidance – EDP , PEFCR , and PCR standards , calculated using proprietary SIMAPRO software and in reference to the Eco Invent 3.6 database .
Company environmental impact Our Corporate footprint has reduced by 53 % per SECR ( no offsetting ) with more than 95 % being direct manufacturing operations and only 1 % being business travel . Hence why we have been and continue to focus on reducing the manufacturing related emissions .
9,963 T CO₂e [ 2021-2022 ]
T CO₂e [ 2020-2021 ]
11,906 T CO₂e [ 2019-2020 ]
21,225 T CO₂e [ 2018-2019 ]
Full table in appendix
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