ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 44

We are naturally progressive
4.1 Management approach – summary
Our ‘ journey to zero ’ is leading the leather industry The importance of the ESG agenda is a key learning from our stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment . It is valued more highly than ever by consumers and customers across all industries – and rightly so . We are proud that our pioneering ‘ journey to zero ’, backed by rigorous analysis , leads the leather industry .
In 2003 Scottish Leather Group launched its zero waste strategy . We have dramatically ( by 90 %) reduced the average carbon intensity ( measured as CO2 equivalent ) per hide of our leather by switching to 100 % renewable electricity and converting our own process waste into energy .
Our materiality assessment cemented our existing understanding of key priorities :
Reduce Impact
Material topics Sustainable Innovations Circularity of Product Design Low Carbon Product Resource Stewardship Climate Change

“ We are committed to the ‘ sustainable ’ manufacturing of leather and reducing the footprint of our own operations .”

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