ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 39

In 2022 we will enter our 11th year of the Scottish Leather Group Academy . We have already developed 70 + apprentices across Manufacturing and Production and Maintenance Engineering . Additionally , we enrolled Saltire Scholars to enhance the business and create career opportunities for these talented individuals .
We created the leather industry ’ s first recognised vocational qualifications , certified by the Scottish Qualifications Authority ( SQA ), building skills that benefit the whole manufacturing sector .
We are also pleased to welcome our first 5th Year school students , on our new Foundation Apprenticeship programme in May 2022 . They will both join Scottish Leather Group for a weeks ’ placement in the Engineering department , getting exposure to what it ' s like working as an engineer , with the hope of creating a further pipeline for talent when they are seeking future employment .
In 2021 , we supported a further two employees in enrolling in graduate apprenticeships in International Business at the University of Strathclyde . This builds on two employees who are currently studying graduate apprenticeships in Engineering ( Design and Manufacturing ) and IT Cyber Security .
We continue to promote personal and professional development through our Performance Development Review process , which ensures that development opportunities are aligned to company and personal ambitions . We continued

70 +

Apprentices developed across manufacturing , production and maintenance engineering .
to offer development opportunities in 2021 in our leadership and management development programmes . This has equipped over 100 of our Managers , Supervisors and Team Leaders with the required skills to ensure they are successful in their roles , improving their overall confidence and helping them reach their full potential .
Some of our apprentices have gone on to more advanced positions , having graduated or currently attending University to gain degrees in Leather Technology and Engineering and Design and Manufacturing .
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