ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 35

“ We believe the area where we can make the most impact is to encourage more women into the company .”

Entrepreneurial Scotland and their intern programme , Saltire Scholars . We are pleased that two of our five interns in the summer of 2022 will be female , working in manufacturing support roles , with the aim of creating a pipeline of talent for our future manufacturing aspirations .
We are supporting STEM education and have a dedicated team who educate students of all genders and from all socio-economic backgrounds in local schools about the leather making process and how STEM subjects are vital across our industry .
Science , technology , engineering , and mathematics form the backbone of leather manufacture , and by working with local schools and engaging with community fairs , we hope to not only recruit the next generation of leather technologists , but also bridge the gender gap in STEM industries .
Scottish Leather Group employee breakdown by gender
Male : 575 ( 77 %) Female : 168 ( 23 %)
Our journey to zero . Environmental , Social & Governance Report 2022 35