ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 20

2.2 Our approach for a more sustainable future Integration of ESG & business strategy
We were proud to share our journey at COP26 on the Group ’ s core activities , namely the sustainable manufacture of leather and the application of our unique circular manufacturing process in support of the “ UN Goal 13 Agenda ”. We believe finding innovative ways of working together to accelerate climate action and adaption can support our customers to reduce carbon emissions and take climate action .
Scottish Leather Group is a family-owned business , driven by exceptional people . It is our people that bring warmth , grit and expertise . Dedicated , honest and proud , we care and obsess about every detail .
Our approach includes the most material sustainable topics and supports our vision to innovate and manufacture the world ’ s lowest carbon leather for the world ’ s most respected companies .
We are committed to an innovation agenda that supports a sustainable future including blockchain technology to deliver full supply chain transparency and traceability , one of our key material topics . Our unique low carbon leather and circular manufacturing approach allows us to support our customers on their own journeys , empowering more people , businesses and brands .
Our people are at the heart of our business purpose At the heart of that purpose is a concern for the safety and wellbeing of our employees , contractors and the communities that surround our manufacturing sites ; something on which we will never compromise .
There is always opportunity for improvement and as we strive to achieve zero waste to landfill and zero embedded carbon by 2025 per Scope 1 and 2 , we endeavour to lead the way to make sure our business and sustainable manufacturing practices help ourselves and our partners to do more for the planet .
We have a lifelong passion for developing game-changing products that are the benchmark for luxury , comfort and care .
We respect our resources , pioneer world-leading sustainable practices and only source rawhides from suppliers that respect and observe animal welfare standards that are rated amongst the highest globally .
We take responsibility in raising standards . From our people , our suppliers , to the materials and resources we use – we take pride in designing and manufacturing high quality sustainable products that inspire our customers and the people that use them .
Our commitment to creating the best products and delivering the best service is a philosophy that began with our founders and remains true to this day .
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