ESG Report 2022 June 2022 - Page 10

1.2 Foreword
With current projections of a 1.8-2.4C temperature rise by 2050 , leadership from business is demanded and drastically required to halt this trajectory for our planet . We are very proud of the contribution we are making in leading our industry and creating a more sustainable future with our own delivery against commitments ; working towards reducing impact below 1.5C . This report demonstrates the work so far and our ambitions .
Our long heritage and history have helped shape our values .
We are closing in on our two 2025 ‘ zero ’ targets . This year we confirmed full traceability of our raw materials with all our suppliers signatory to our code of conduct , providing transparency of our supply chain . We also engaged in broader customer feedback and materiality assessments which will help shape our approach in the future . Our main customer sector has seen a dynamic shift in recent years with the advent of low , or even zero , emission vehicles becoming reality . Our novel and unique low carbon offering , as detailed in this report and measured using Life Cycle Analysis , directly supports its transition to electric platforms and the reduction of embedded carbon in the supply chain . There is no doubt that all sectors are seeing a shift towards a sustainable future , captured under a variety of initiatives , all with the same aim .
We were delighted to be invited to speak on two platforms at COP26 , in Glasgow , during November 2021 , on our core activities , namely , the sustainable manufacture of leather and the application of our unique circular manufacturing process in support of the “ UN Goal 13 Agenda ”. We were also privileged to be invited to join The Terra Carta event with HRH Prince Charles , The Prince of Wales . The Terra Carta seeks to engage industry to tackle the climate crisis .
We are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to the UN Global Compact .
We anticipate a future where our traditions and values are maintained , with innovation and sustainability a pillar at the heart of our future for both Bridge of Weir Fine Automotive Leather and for Muirhead Fine Scottish Leather for Aviation , Mass Transit and Custom Projects .
It is our pride and our responsibility to produce this most beautiful , long lasting , and versatile leather in ways that do not use irreplaceable resources and do not damage the environment , either within our supply chain , or following its primary purpose .
We invite you to learn more about our progress , achievements , and aspirations and to continue following our journey .
Robbie Brown Chairman Scottish Leather Group
Iain McFadyen CEO Scottish Leather Group
10 Scottish Leather Group