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Hope you like coastlines , canyons and jungles ! While you ’ re sure to find beautiful nature on any of the Hawaiian Islands , Kauai can safely claim some of the most postcard-worthy landscapes , earning it the nickname , “ Garden Isle .”
It would take far more time than you will likely have to trek every nature trail worth seeing , but the Hanalei Bay area has long been a popular starting point . The bay offers a picturesque view of both the crystal-clear ocean and the surrounding mountains . Swimmers , sailors and sand-sleepers will find everything they need here .
Many cultural and historic roots still run through the town of Kapa ' a — derived from the word “ solid ” in the Hawaiian language . Visitors to this island ’ s largest town can find it at the base of Nounou (“ Sleeping Giant ”) Mountain , where it hosts a diverse assortment of hotels , restaurants , and shopping centers .
Of course , a trip to Kauai would hardly be complete without visiting Waimea Canyon , sometimes called “ the Grand Canyon of the Pacific .” If the lava-swept plains of the Big Island remind you of the surface of Mars , Waimea Canyon will call to mind something much more imaginative . Try to picture if Mars were covered in lush vegetation . It ’ s an otherworldly beauty that can leave even the most jaded traveler feeling humbled and lost for words .
Kauai Island


Maui is a beach lover ’ s paradise . Even though it ’ s the second-largest Hawaiian island , it would only take a few hours to get from one end to the other . Within this relatively small area , you ’ ll have close to a hundred beaches to choose from , and if you know anything about Maui , you know the surfing is legendary .
But not everyone is seeking the thrill of the perfect wave . Maui is also home to several arboretums , including the popular and aptly named Garden of Eden , where you can get a sense of what the island might have looked like before human settlement . Or , if it ’ s animal life you ’ re after , the whale-watching season typically lasts from late autumn to early spring , as the majestic humpbacks pass through on their annual migratory route .
If you ’ re hoping to see a little bit of everything that Maui has to offer , there is another option that might satisfy some of the thrill-seekers . Hana Highway , a winding 64-mile stretch of road along the island ’ s northern edge , can provide some stunning views with plenty to see and do along the way . Just be wary , as driving along narrow cliffside roads can easily fray the nerves of a mellowed-out tourist . It ’ s not for the faint of heart .
Hula Dancers on Maui

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