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Hawaiian Islands



T he name Hawaii will always conjure up certain images — pristine beaches , lush forests , jagged volcanic rocks lining the coasts — but mainlanders are often quick to forget that the Hawaiian Islands are as varied as they are magnificent . While you can expect stunning sights on any one of the major islands , each one offers its own unique experience . Travelers should do their best to keep this in mind when plotting out their time in Hawaii . This is where having an expert travel advisor can make or break a trip . Maybe you were hoping for a small taste of each island , or perhaps you had one in mind where you wanted to spend the bulk of your time . It ’ s far from an easy choice .

Despite being our youngest state , Hawaii presents a rich , centuries-old treasure trove of history , culture and unspoiled nature — enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned globetrotter . With that in mind , here is a quick look at four of Hawaii ’ s most popular island destinations and some of the excursions they have to offer .

26 · escape · WINTER 2022