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18 · escape · WINTER 2022

History & Mystery

Tonina Ruins , Mexico

Love thy neighbor . It ’ s a proverb that Mexico has taken to heart . Our neighbors to the south aren ’ t the type to mow their lawn at the crack of dawn or shoot displeasing glances over the fence . Instead , they warmly welcome us over to enjoy their serene sun-drenched beaches , vibrant culture and mouthwatering cuisine paired with some of the world ’ s best tequila and mezcal . Mexico is the neighbor that knows how to throw an excellent party , but sun and fun isn ’ t all that ’ s happening next door .

Four thousand years ago , Mexico was home to one of the world ’ s most dominant — and enigmatic — indigenous civilizations . Masters of agriculture , pottery , astronomy and mathematics , the Maya thrived for over 3,000 years … until they didn ’ t . Although the reason for the sudden end of their reign remains unclear , the Maya left behind many clues to their fascinating culture , from massive palaces to vast plazas and temples scattered across Central America . If we weren ’ t already intrigued by the inviting smells and lively music wafting across the border , this mystery party is the perfect reason to go visit the neighbors .

18 · escape · WINTER 2022