Escape Fun and Sun 2022 - Page 2

Dear traveler ,

Winter hits us all differently . For some , these months are marked by mountains of snow and sunless days , while others see only a small dip in the temperatures and find the skies cloudier than usual . The one thing that unites us all during these winter months is our yearning to travel when the weather gets universally better for our part of the world , seeking out the sunniest destinations where we can relax , recover and have fun .
This issue of Escape will show you many ways to embark on a great sun-and-fun vacay . Whether you wish to recline all day on a white-sand beach , indulge yourself at an all-inclusive resort , go island-hopping across the Caribbean or trek over volcanoes in Hawaii , you ’ ll find multiple ways to accomplish that goal inside .
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Fun with friends in the Caribbean