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Snorkeling at Bight Reef
Just like everyone ’ s first instinct with a pile of leaves is to jump in , so is the case for crisp , clear-blue ocean water . The stretches of shoreline here are exceedingly clear and enchantingly blue , making it the prime place to go for a swim … or snorkeling . Specifically , try snorkeling at either Bight Reef or Smith ’ s Reef . At Bight Reef ( also known as the Coral Gardens ), you ’ re bound to find turtles , stingrays and a spectrum of colorful fish that most dive sites could only dream of — not bad for a spot that starts right off the beach . At Smith Reef , you ’ ll have your pick of ecosystems depending on which beach you launch from . Some sections are coral heads ( right off the beach ), some are lush seagrass beds and some are large reef networks ( farther offshore ). Eagle rays and lobsters frequent this reef in addition to the aforementioned stingrays , turtles and tropical fish .
The Thursday Night Fish Fry is what every neighborhood block party or jamboree strives to be . Every Thursday evening , from 5:30 to 9:30 , scores of restaurant and souvenir vendors set up shop in Stubbs Diamond Plaza in the Bight for a night of great food and fun . A live band and cultural performances are the evening ’ s entertainment , with the grand finale being the Junkanoo — a procession of costumed masqueraders dancing to drums , cowbells and other native instruments . All in all , it ’ s an island-wide congregation celebrating all things Turks and Caicos . What ’ s not to love ?
Little Water Cay , a small island just off the coast of Providenciales , is often known by its other name : Iguana Island . The name comes from the fact that the native Turks & Caicos rock iguana is flourishing here , compared to the inhabited islands where domesticated dogs and cats wiped out the lizards . You can visit with a local guide on a boat or kayak and stroll the paths and boardwalks for a game of to try to spot iguanas . You ’ ll quickly find that the local scaly denizens are abundant , and wholly unphased by your visit .
Rock Iguana

8 · escape · WINTER 2022