ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine Issue 4 - 2018 prostringer4-18 13.06 | Page 7 LUXILON NATURAL GUT ENGINEERED TO WORK IN COMBINATION WITH LUXILON MONOFILAMENT STRINGS As you know, Luxilon is famous for their Polyester strings and had and still have a major impact on the tennis industry, especially on Tour with most players using Luxilon. With the new Gut string Luxilon enters a new field and it is to notice that the strings are manufactured in their own factory in Belgium to ensure the high quality level. Playtest results are overwhelming positive which is not a surprise to us as Luxilon used a unique coating and organic raw material to deliver ultimate touch, comfort and tension maintenance. Throw in extraordinary shock absorption and responsiveness, and Natural Gut delivers premium performance worthy of its storied reputation. Engineered to work in combination with Luxilon monofilament strings, this string plays longer than any synthetic on the market. 7 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 4-2018