ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine Issue 4 - 2018 prostringer4-18 13.06 - Page 24 TEST STRING KONG SPIN DRILL PWR Limited Edition STRING KONG - SPIN DRILL - POWER - limited edition is the new creation of String Kong father Ivan Buffoni. Other new sets from the Italian brand include SPIN DRILL - CONTROL, SPIN DRILL - FEEL and the YETI 2; hybrid combinations developed to satisfy all the player requests and fantasies... also the strangest! The SPIN DRILL POWER string set includes an hybrid combination composed of a 1.25mm monofilament co- polyester twisted string and a polyamide structured surface multifilament in 1.30mm gauge. The pulling traction test from 5 to 35kg highlighted a very soft response for the twisted polyester and a very progressive, but always soft response for the multifilament, with the typical slope of polyamide strings. Tension stability and string durability are quite good as also the dynamic response that doesn’t change dramatically in short time even of you have to expect some assessment in the first two hours of play. Recommended tensions if you want to have best combination in terms of power, spin, control and feeling are around 20-22kg (on 98”-100” head-size) avoiding the “table effect” given by polyamide strings over 23-24kg, but you can change mains and crosses tension, also differentiating, depending on what you are looking for in terms of power or control. A HIGH QUALITY HYBRID STRINGSET FOR A LARGE AMOUNT OF PLAYERS GOING FROM CLUB PLAYERS, COMPETITIVE JUNIORS AND SENIORS PLAYERS, RACING TENNIS PLAYERS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING WITH A VERY STRONG SPIN ATTITUDE WITH THE FEELING AND THE COMFORT OF THE HYBRID SOLUTION. Check also the “reverse” combination with multifilament on the mains and twisted polyester on crosses. You could be amazed by the spin production and the outstanding behavior of the twisted-poly string on horizontals due to the low friction and great snap- back of this structured spring-string. For more info please check the website Ing. Gabriele Medri pro-t-one tech lab 24 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 4-2018