ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine Issue 4 - 2018 prostringer4-18 13.06 - Page 17 INDUSTRY NEWS MSV News Congrats to Ioannis Stergiou on winning the Greek National Championship. He is a member of the Greek Davis Cup Team and he is #1 of the national ranking of Greece. He plays the MSV Focus Hex 1.27 and the MSV Overgrips Cyber Wet      The  Danish University of Aalborg  conducted a study on spin potential in 2015. In total five different strings were tested. Two string s are made of the same co polyester material but have a different shape: MSV Co Focus = round and MSV Focus Hex = hexagonal. Interestingly the  round MSV Co Focus string is the only string with a significantly better spin potential than all the other strings.  Considering the fact that in the set up only one specific speed and angle was tested one could argue that a reduced bearing surface of two round strings seems to support a lower friction (and a better snapback) compared to structured strings like the MSV Focus Hex. And we do know that many players feel a superior spin potential using a shaped/structured string. Scientists like Rod Cross and Lindsey Crawford think this is a psychological effect. Anyway, our MSV string portfolio includes round as well as shaped strings.    An analysis of 72 positive play-test ratings of our best-seller MSV Focus Hex 1,23 mm played with a Midplus racquet head and a 16/19 string bed (which is the most popular racquet construction) shows the following split by tension (source:, May 2018) The Bulgarian player Elitsa Kostova (WTA Career High #130, current #176) plays the MSV Focus Hex 1.10 17 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 4-2018