ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine Issue 4 - 2018 prostringer4-18 13.06 - Page 11 NEW PRODUCTS MSV CO ULTRA A ROUND HIGH-PERFORMANCE CO-POLYESTER STRING Ideal for players looking for a round high-performance co-polyester string with a maximum of spin potential, control and tension maintenance. Strong snap-back effect for great spin potential. Special coating for reduced string movement. Same High-Tech Co-Polyester for excellent tension stability and durability like the MSV Focus Hex Ultra. Congrats to Vladyslav Orlov and Patrik Niklas-Salminen on winning the ITF Futures 4 Doubles in Israel in April. Vlad plays the MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1.25 and the MSV overgrips Cyber Wet. And he made it to the final round of the Ukraine F1 Futures together with Oleg Prihodko. Vladyslav is now #452 of the ATP doubles ranking. 11 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 4-2018