ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 5 - 2018 prostringer5-18 web - Page 5 New Certified Stringers ERSA now offers tennis, badminton and squash certification for different levels of stringers, from beginners to the top professional stringers in the world. The first level is ERSA Stringer is for new stringers to show they have completed a stringing course and learned to string correctly. ERSA Professional Stringer is for stringing ser- vices, such as coaches, club stringers, shop stringers, after passing a day of practical and written tests. Master Professional Stringer Level 1 is for shop stringers and owners who can tune rackets, string at a high level and have a broad knowledge of products for their customers. MPS Level 2 is for shop owners and managers. Pro Tour Stringer certification is for minimum MPS Level1 who are stringing at ATP and WTA tournaments. There are 3 levels for this certification, Level 1, Level 2 and Master Pro Tour Stringer. Master Professional Stringer Level 1 Tennis Antonio Prudente Lago - Brazil Diego de Souza Deckman - Brazil Fabio Souza Nunes - Brazil Orlando Satoshi Kimura Nakano - Brazil ERSA MASTER PROFESSIONAL STRINGER - LEVEL 1 Sergio Henrique de Moura Assis - Brazil Professional Stringer Tennis Michele Gallesi - Italy ERSA PROFESSIONAL STRINGER STRINGS MADE IN GERMANY SINCE 1985 5 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 5-2018