ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 5 - 2018 prostringer5-18 web - Page 26 TEST attitude characterized by consistent impacts and very stiff stringbed feeling, especially if you love string above 22-23kg. Power is good for this string category as also the string reactivity and response, due to the high resilience peak that en- sures a fast ball exit from the string-bed, but the advice is to string at medium-low tensions. The spin performance is very good thanks to the resilience-reactivity, to the transversal stiffness and to the external PEEK finish of the co-poliester which ensures an excellent snap back during ball impacts. Hysteresis test with load-unload cycles test let us know the filament is good in static tension maintenance and dynamic stability but obviously a medium tension assessment has to be waited in the first 60-90 minutes of play followed by a constant response in the following hours, until the string breakage. A VERY GOOD CHOICE FOR COMPETITIVE PLAYERS SEARCHING FOR A TOP LEVEL CONTROL, AND SPIN STRING WITH THE TYPICAL RESPONSE OF AN AGGRESSIVE RACING, COMPETITIVE POLIESTER! GOOD ALSO IN HYBRID COMBINATION USING SYNTGUT, MULTIFILAMENT , NATURAL-GUT BUT ALSO THINNER POLYESTER ON THE CROSSES TO HAVE TOP PERFORMANCES IN ROTATIONS . for more info please check the website Ing. Gabriele Medri pro-t-one tech lab data and test provided by pro-t-one & 26 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 5-2018