ERSA Pro Stringer Issue 5 - 2018 prostringer5-18 web - Page 25 TEST STRING LAB - TOURNAMENT 125 STRINGLAB is a new Italian brand created by Luigi Bortone a passionate racquet technician and stringer who select and build monofilament, multifilament and natural gut with a particular eye to excellent performance and perfect blend between quality and price. From the very large variety of monofilament avaiable, we choose one of the most appreciate racing string of the range, the STRINGLAB TOURNAMENT; this german built co-poliester extrusion with a PEEK shield is available in 1.20mm, 1.25mm and 1.30mm gauges to cover all the requests from players and let it possible the widest and “wildest” range of string combinations. We tested the 1.25mm 16L gauge string using our pro-t-one string-lab machine for the traction test and for the load-unload hysteresis test and the pro-t-one string-killer to get semi-dynamic stiffness of the poly extrusion. The static linear traction test from 5 to 35kg talks about a tough string (1.05kg/mm) oriented to advanced and medium- advanced players with fast shots and good power level, seeking for top performance in terms of control and consistency. The dynamic stiffness, measure of comfort and soft impact on the arm during the play, is quite high 220g/mm à 215lb/ inch but without excess; STRINGLAB TOURNAMENT 1.25 is a serious polyester monofilament with a strong and racing 25 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 5-2018